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Thick Face

Black Heart

The Warrior Philosophy For Conquering The Challenges Of Business And Life

By: Chin-Ning Chu


Mutual Benefit

“When benefits are mutual,

then cooperation will follow,

Mutual cooperation results in benefits,

and thus leads to affection”


By: Tai Gong Wong

Around 3,100 years ago

(page 191)


Hermit Poet’s Comments: During negotiations, business transactions, or in daily life, it is best to try to make sure both parties are happy. What good is getting the best deal from a customer, if they never come back to purchase again? Yes, negotiations can be brutal, but scorched earth strategy is not the way.

The same scenario goes for interpersonal relations such as lovers, marriage partners, friends, acquaintances,  etc. One should not take advantage of other people. Unfortunately, there are takers in the world who will slice and dice even with little things. Stay far away from these chainsaw parasites because they will waste your time, energy, and most likely never change.


Thick Face, Black Heart: The Warrior Philosophy for Conquering the Challenges of Business and Life

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