Have you ever been disappointed?  I’m not talking about losing a game to a friend, but a major drop to your knees failure. Not just any setback or letdown that happened in your life, but a dream or goal that you just could not succeed at making happen. Examples may include that dream university that did not accept you as a student, or how about that ultimate job that you thought you interviewed so well for and only at the last moment, the position was given to another candidate. Another example, would be investing a sizable amount or your entire life savings into a business such as your dream restaurant that failed miserably. Lost money on an investment or business idea can usually over time be recouped if the person is not too old to accumulate the money again. This is one of the reasons elderly people must be very careful with how they invest their money. Older folks do not have the years to gain back a catastrophic financial loss like a younger person.

One of the most crushing of disappointments is when a person who you were so in love with, turns their back on you, and falls in love with someone else or just does not want you in their life again. I’m not talking puppy love here, but two adults that were going to make a life together, but one of them did not love the other anymore and walked away and broke the other persons heart.

Once the news of the disappointment has passed, how does one pick up the pieces and move on with their life? Failure or being emotionally crushed is very difficult to handle.  The extremely popular song by the Bee Gee’s “How do you mend a broken heart is a deep song that deals with one’s heart being crushed. 

Lost love is an emotion that is not so easy to fix.  A broken heart cuts the deepest into the human soul. Repairing the damage of having ones heart torn to ribbons can take a considerable amount of time. If a person is hurt too badly, then they can become bitter and close their heart and never open up to another person again. Yes, there are people who walk around like zombies, because of major disappointments that have happened in their lives. These people are very robotic and one can see how they move throughout their life with the anger and bitterness showing on their face. As for love lost, everyone does not fall off the side of the cliff. Most people slowly work thru the hurt and fall in love with another special person. This second or third time at love is sometimes the sweetest, because the new person is actually the right lid to fit their pot.


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