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Myanmar is for Buddhists!

India is for Hindus!

Make America great again!


Global warming warnings and wackos concocting artificial intelligence resembling the big bad wolf, are common concerns regarding where we are going as occupants of Earth. Global warming will displace billions of people and diminish cultivating areas while artificial intelligence will enslave us all. Human emotions make us love, kill, and die, to save a life or a belief.

Skillfully manipulated by the powerful elite,

collective human emotions will destroy human spirit across the land, and that will be the end of us as a civilization.

The nationalism being spread today is ethnic motivated. This human experience will reach a  point of no return. With the blessing of the nation’s president, the ugly whites wrapped in ancient flags in ‘Land of the Free’ are coming out from their dens to broadcast their hatred, and there are many listening. Ethnic cleansing of Rohingya in Myanmar, and India’s 15% Muslin population are no longer welcome. What is India going to do; ship 200 million people out from their shore on boats?


Excerpt from an earlier article

“As occupants of this land, we must accept that the undesirables (whoever they may be) will not disappear with a wave of wand.”


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Neutrality comes with the price of being disconnected. Society is composed of like-minded people; teal lovers search for bluish-green connections, and the burnt sienna worshippers choose to navigate a path that’s deep reddish brown. Embracing the color wheel will yield richer exposure and isolation.
There is no glory in neutrality.
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