Artist and Photographer Joachim Hildebrand is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of  this documentary photography.  From the ‘Großmarkthalle’ series.  To see Joachim’s body of work, click on any image.






The subject of the series “Großmarkthalle” is the former wholesale market hall of the German city Frankfurt am Main. It is now a registered landmark, which was built from 1926 to 1928 according to the design of the well-known architect and former city-planning director Martin Elsaesser. Nowadays this building is considered a masterpiece of classical modern architecture. The Großmarkthalle became an integral part of the headquarters of the European Central Bank. However, at the same time its original character has been significantly changed.

The photographs were created at a time when the building was a ‘sleeping beauty’. All permits required for the new construction and remodeling had been issued, but the tendering process for the different trades was still ongoing.

Marked by decades of use and wear, the structure, which has been detached from its original function, waited for its metamorphosis or, if one wishes, for its resurrection in a new guise. In the bare state of construction, architecture as such can be experienced in a special way, both from the inside and the outside. The viewer perceives a buildings traces and wounds caused by time and use more consciously and intensively when the building is ‘naked’ than when it is occupied and furnished.

Through the deliberate look at the bare building – in overview and detail -, these photographs provide unique approach to its architecture and history beyond the documentary.







All images and text © Joachim Hildebrand



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