Art Director, Photographer and Set Designer Christina Heurig is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of these images.  From the ongoing project ‘HEARTMILL LAND’To see Christina’s body of work, click on any photograph.


The Explorer


The Factory


The Nightmare Creator


‘The Heartmill Land’ represents surreal spaces within a fictional world. It contains places of dreams, fears, discovery, magic, mystery – and depicts atmospheric landscape with beauty, darkness and curiosity. For Christina the spaces displayed in the photographs are a deeper level beyond the known horizons of reality. They bring together the topics of spiritualism, exploration, adventures and dream worlds… they are a silver lining between our dreams and what we call ‚reality’.

Christina creates miniature dioramas which she arranges on a table and photographs them. They are built out of everyday objects (such as foil, cotton, toys, prisms, paper, taxidermy animals …)  together with lighting and play of perspective, these settings look like they were real.


The Surveillance Factory


The Genesis Laboratory


The Portal Of Life


The main technique includes distorting and mystifying objects, people and atmospheres, by using glass, lenses, image manipulation or symbols to enrich the image. My believe is: manipulating the image plays with the realism of the subject and makes another layer of reality visible.


The Heartmill


The main motivator to create images is my need to deal with feelings, memories and contemplative thoughts through a katharsis – like state of mind. I am very fascinated by spirituality, rituals, the magic of transcendence and therefore highly inspired by folklore, fairy tales, phantasy stories and overall – magical things that trigger thoughts and imagination.


The Encounter


Robinson’s Rescue Beach


The Storm


All images © Christina Heurig



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