The Millennial Male Advice Guide to Being a Man

By The Hermit Poet


Make your own mark in life and you will not have any regrets. It is very comfortable to be a part of a clique were everyone usually thinks the same. Friendship and networking is great, but unfortunately, spending too much time with the same like minded people will only bring about stagnation. Individualism is the key and staying in the safe clique (nest) only compounds mediocrity. Further, when you are secure as you and only ‘you’ and do not need the safety line of a group, then it will be easy to independently interact within any social/ economic setting.




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The articles in ‘The Millennial Male Advice Guide to Being a Man’ contain timeless suggestions for behavior that not only help males to become a better man, but also give women a greater understanding of a man’s natural instincts.


‘The Millennial Male Advice Guide to Being a Man’

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