It is estimated that 113 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders. We popped 2 billion dollars of pills, bought 16 billion dollars worth of fancy mattresses, and 1.6 billion was spent on pillows.  Sleep labs and sleep home devices are also included in a total spending of 28 billion dollars in 2017 to help us have a better night of sleep.

In 1984, 3.4 million waterbeds (2 billion dollars) were sold in the US. Where are they now? I still have mine, even though I have no idea of where my next liner is coming from, or if I can even find it.  The problem with waterbeds is that it is a onetime purchase for life, and there is nothing more terrifying for any industry, than to have a product that is durable and cheap.  I never, in 30 years had to purchase another bed; only plastic liners for the best sleep ever.

In 1990,57% of Americans spent 7 hours or more sleeping and after spending 28 billion in 2017 alone, the sleeping time has increased by 2%; bringing the total of Americans enjoying a needed 7 or more hours of sleep to 59% as of September 2019.


Excerpt from an earlier article:

Strategically designed to fail, sleeping is done later and later, until there is not enough time to accomplish the task. We must reprogram the idea of sleep as being the most important aspect of our day by…

The Sleep Conundrum | Time Games


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