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Seven (hours) is the magical number when it comes to sleep. Growing up or reaching the golden years we need even more.  But the reality is that 35% of Americans do not sleep enough every night. This deficiency can trigger a number of illnesses, slow productivity, cause a diverse number of accidents, and add to the daily stress, especially for the city folks.

Seen as a luxury for some and a waste of time for others, sleep is an irreplaceable necessity.

Strategically designed to fail, sleeping is done later and later, until there is not enough time to accomplish the task. We must reprogram the idea of sleep as being the most important aspect of our day by designing what we do when we get home from work.

Hours before you doze off, learn to split your time and prepare for a good night sleep.





H I R E   A   L I F E   C O A C H

Life Coaching by Carioca Da Gema




Arriving home, with or without your alcohol of choice, get all the to-dos out of the way: dinner, eating, house clean up, chats, your kid’s homework, and so on. Then go offline, or like I  say, “I’m going into my chambers”, that tells you and the people around you that you have reached your limit for the day.

If reading a book or watching TV relaxes you, go for it, but cut off all the high impact explosions or anatomy 101 from the shows you select to watch.  If today’s news can easily flare you up, watch that earlier. Tone down what’s coming into your brain, no upsets, and under no circumstances look at a computer screen or any mobile devices during this time.

The following is a hard sell, but if you are really serious about improving your sleeping, take your phone out of your bedroom and substitute it for an old fashion alarm clock that has worked for centuries.  This way you are forced to disconnect from your life and fall asleep.

A little nooky is also great to put one to bed.


Good Night!



Disclaimer: These are tips/opinions from a layperson. I believe a good night sleep is the gateway for a healthy existence. 


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