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The Way Of Zen

By Alan Watts


“The flowers depart when we hate to lose them;

The weeds arrive while we hate to watch them grow.”

(Page 124)


Hermit Poet’s Comments: Sometimes life does not go our way. I’m a big believer in timing and how it effects the ups and downs in life. Hard work and tenacity can tip the scale in our favor when bad timing is a dark cloud overhead.

It can also be said that life flows and it is best to just except the bad luck. I do not believe such a (give in) philosophy. We learn from the hits to our life and the blows can be softened with a positive attitude.

As a mental exercise, when I’m pulling weeds in the garden, I feel accomplishment and also train my mind to understand that there are monotonous tasks that must be done. Being a Gemini, I become bored very quickly and need to remind myself that everything is not always fun.  




The Way of Zen by Watts, Alan W.(January 26, 1999) Paperback

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