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Street of Uncertainty


From Hamburg to Auschwitz, Against His Will


How They Arrived


For centuries, Jews have been wrongfully persecuted for their identity.  This persecution reached its height, or depth, when Hitler came to power in 1933, and continued until the Allies defeated him in 1945.  During these twelve years, European Jews lived on the edge of humanity.


Rows and Rows


The edge was, in fact, the increasingly thin line between life and death.  The Nazis pushed the Jews up to that line, and then shoved six million over it – in places like Auschwitz.






It is said, time heals all wounds.  Seventy-five years ago today, the Allies liberated Auschwitz.  Yet, three-quarters-of-a-century cannot heal a wound of 6 million people.  The Holocaust may prove this saying wrong.  We must not let it.

We cannot dwell on this horrific past, but we must not forget it either.  This is the theme behind these photographs of Auschwitz:  to remember, to honor – and to resolve that, as humanity, we will walk back from the edge in the future, for whomever, whatever, or wherever it is.




Soles of Souls


No Man’s Land


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