Photographer Javier Molina/Albumen Gallery is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this documentary photography.  From the book ‘Returning to La Paz’.

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Returning to La Paz’





‘Returning to La Paz’ is an homage to Javier Molina’s birthplace.  After living in the USA for a number of years the Bolivian photographer returned to La Paz in the early 1970s. Through living abroad he had gained perspective that allowed  him to see the city with new eyes.  All photos in the exhibition were taken between 1972 – 75. Until now they have never been shown in one exhibition.




Returning to Lap Paz with Javier Molina’s vintage photos of the 70s also adds another dimension. The Bolivian city has grown and changed beyond recognition since the days the photos were taken. Javier Molinas’s images take us back to a place that simply doesn’t exist any longer.





In 1974 Javier met the Bolivian writer  – mystical poet and novelist – Jaime Saenz. Impressed by each other’s work, together they developed the idea of recording disappearing places and characters of the city they loved.  The result of their collaboration,  the book “Imagines Paceñas, laugares y personas”  (words by Jaime Saenz / Photos by Javier Molina),  was published in 1975.  In its third edition a copy of the book was given to all La Paz high school graduates.



All images © Javier Molina/Albumen Gallery



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