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Hand Before Face


Material Clouds




Black Body


As a young girl, I was a quiet and an observant girl, lost in my thoughts. I would read a magazine by the photos and didn’t care to much for the text. I still do.

Art, to me, is an expression where words are hard to find to explain. I have never been able to release my artistic mind in that way – with words, verbally or written. Our visual communication, instincts, emotions or memories derives from the ancient part of our brain.  The expansion to words came much later.

Photography has given me a language to express my memories, inner thoughts and to play with them and at the same time absorb new impressions from my everyday life. My images become like quiet suggestions of presence, rather than shouts. They are free from time and place, natural, ambiguous with the purpose of letting the viewer use their imagination and experience, adding their own story when gazing at it.

I see the image, thru reflections, with all the different colors and layers blending, in my camera. They are all just how I immediately and suddenly saw them, when I present them to you here. I wish you a pleasant journey or should I say, reading.


Black & White


Green Body




Sideways Bust




Oslo, Jan. 2020

All images and text  © Kathleen McIntyre



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