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“By contrast with my first book, 48 Hours Blackpool, this book is not about Blackpool as a ‘playground for the British working class’ but more about Blackpool as a dying ground for those whose class does not matter. For the most part, it’s about those who live in a contemporary Western society and seem to carry on their shoulders every conceivable physical, mental and emotional burden, including the burden of guilt for their own demise. Like lambs they are sacrificed, continuously ‘slaughtered’ (…) Their children are the tenderest of lambs that are served on dinner plates following inauguration speeches. And the rest of us are either lambs who believe they are lions or lions that life turns into lambs.”

– Excerpt from the text Of Lions and Lambs by Benita Suchodrev







All images and text © Benita Suchodrev



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Of Lions and Lambs

Book By Benita Suchodrev



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