Written by Life Coach Carioca Da Gema


The ability to compartmentalize life is vital when normality is taken away.

The Coronavirus’ Pandemic has temporarily removed large parts of existence. We must retain control over our sanity, as without it we cannot separate reality from anxiety, help the ones that need us, and be ourselves.

We spend most of our adult lives complaining about not having enough time to sleep, for ourselves, to enjoy our families, and to cook a healthy meal; so here is your chance.


If you can’t beat them, join them.

No doubt, it is about to rain acid, but in the meantime, look at this time as an opportunity.


“Home sweet home” is about to become “home battle ground”, but with proper changes and planning you can make it work.

Take activities outside to your yard, patio, veranda, and move furniture to better access to your windows.  Within your limits stay outdoors in order to minimize home stress.

Select a fenced area where children and pets can safely play as to minimize the stress on the adult watching them.

Children and pets can sense heavy vibes and get confused; keep them away from the epicenter as much as possible as they do not have the ability to analyze the recent events.

Select single activities instead of the ones that require more than one person to accomplish it, and try to stay physically away from one another while playing or working.

For many days to come, the individuals in your household must consume 24 hours of activities every day.

Sleep more, by allocating the best place for sleep (quiet and dark).  Keep in mind that laying down and tossing around negative thoughts is not sleeping.  When mental unpleasantries knock, get up.

Cook like an Italian Mama. A lot of time can be spent in the kitchen as the possibilities are endless even on a budget.

Time will pass quicker for the lucky ones with a job or class to attend from home. Allocate space to give these individuals a quiet comfortable place to work.

Clean your house, organize closets and garage, make small repairs, and move furniture around as to make the new traffic inside your home more tolerable.

Personal growth can be achieved with something simple as a book or a quality online source for any subject matter.  Arts and crafts are also helpful to keep the spirits up as it promotes a feeling of accomplishment in areas we usually do not experience in regular life (for the non-artists).

During this time of high stress, limit inconsequential vices as they can become destructive behavior, which will disrupt life in the household.


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