Written by Life Coach Carioca Da Gema


It is common to reward or numb ourselves with a cigarette, alcohol, and drugs of many kinds. Activities such as gambling, online porn, and sex escapades are also a normal thing to do when one feels happiness or despair. In normal circumstances these events are invaded by our routines, keeping us productive individuals in society where our tiny vices don’t take over our lives.

Pandemic days bring upon a different dynamic for everyone.  None of us know what’s going to happen and the loss of control can be crushing for many.

Wait until the end of the day and set your limits before you start consuming the substance/activity of your choice.  Even in the worse times like a loss of a love one, people have to react within hours; as there are many things to be done. These challenging times require stillness not response and there is no room for people high as a kite in this equation.

We all need to find way to relax ourselves while stuck in a home fully occupied.  Don’t hide your stress, this is not the time to bottle anything up, this situation will not cool off like a regular disagreement does. It is important to recognize one’s stress, accept that at this time your reach is limited and make the best of it. Worry will accomplish more stress on people around you, and no one wants that.


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