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Last week you were the parent working from home that most of the time was able with the help of pre-washed, pre-packaged, and pre-cooked wonders have dinner on the table by the end of the day.

With a tap of a wand you find yourself cooking, cleaning, and washing, in addition you are also the school teacher, the after school instructor, the referee, and yes, you still working from home even though half of your paying clients are gone.

The Coronavirus Pandemic has just set sail and you are overwhelmed, feeling like a fish, after all the flesh is stripped out of it. But you got people! Any one that is physically able to place toys in the correct location can be enlisted to help in the household as there is no room for ‘prima donas’ or bums on this boat.

We all have this small household pet peeve that for most of the time is better just to let it go than make a thing out of it.  If finding socks on your keyboard is irritating to you, explained to Josh, the 5 year old perpetrator that he should not do that and most importantly why.

Being part of a family is not just about loving one another, it is about cooperation and accountability. When there is a call for action everyone must work towards a common goal; which now I’m fairly sure to assert that is to keep away from a ventilator and stop one’s home from boiling over.

Figure out what your household needs to function under the new found traffic. Let each person select what they would like to do before you have to assign the leftover chores. There is a good chance most will end up with chores they favor instead of the ones they must do.

Habits, noises, and things we do unconsciously can be irritating to others in the house. Talk about them and find a middle ground.  Grinding will increase house stress and the goal is to keep it down.


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