Written by Life Coach Carioca Da Gema


Is home resembling a coocoo’s den?

Keeping busy is the key to mentally surviving this Coronavirus’ Pandemic. The order we had tried so hard to keep in our lives is turning into anarchy. But instead of struggling to keep the course, let it flow. Yes, DO NOT make things normal! Allow non practical things to make the days go by quicker, but find activities that will promote responsibility which gives everyone value and other activities that people can look forward for pleasure.

1-According to  people’s aptitude assign jobs like:

“The Head of Security” for the one responsible to lock the house down at the end of the day.

“The Wire Tech” to assist with all things coming into the household via internet.

“The Consigliere”, who’s responsible to intervene when things among members of the family heats up.

2-Without sacrificing light and accessibility to windows, move the furniture around frequently.  When things we are accustomed to changes, we have to refocus and adjust to a new comfort zone. Too much comfort  during quarantine can lead to boredom.

3-Play “Downton Abbey” or “The Addams Family” for dinner is a great away to spend hours around dinner and have fun.  Each member can pick their part and step out of their quarantined life. Hours can be spent on preparation and action. Have fun!  Select, produce, and share your own family theater experience with others!


Think outside of the box

Norm is out of the window

The time equation has turned into its head


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