The President and members of  Congress are like deer in the headlights. Pump 2 trillion dollars more into the system and fire up the printing presses and let the money rain from the sky. Keep your eyes peeled because more CASH will again be floating down. The train has left the station and it is not turning back. The debt load (Debt Clock) of The U.S is now in the RED ZONE.

Of course the people need help, but if America had its financial house in order, this historic stimulus tornado drop would not be so painful.

The Great Recession of 2008 was the one two punch and the coronavirus is a tsunami blow. Regardless of which way the stock market goes or where the pandemic blows, short term bandages only last so long and the free and easy years of uncontrolled debt will cause the country to begin the fall into the financial abyss. For now and into the near future, dollars are going to be scooped up. The multi trillion dollar question is FOR HOW LONG?  Eventually the Ponzi scheme of debt will come to an end.


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