Written By

Poet and Photographer J H Martin @ A Coat for a Monkey




Ugly are

Those winter buildings

Covered in underwear


Far beneath which

I sit and paint

My gallery of spring

In these lines

Of brightest green and blue


These swirls of new life

That snake around the rusted pipes

And make their way upwards

Ever upwards

From these mountain tops of trash

And these rivers of sewers

As they draw their strength

And nurture their growth

From the discarded and the forgotten



Buried in this bacteria

Is not the melancholy of autumn

But the bright and violent promise of the spring


A spring that will seize and free

These cities of the blind

From the consumption of its winter

And lead us onwards

Ever onwards

To the summer of our natural freedom


Where its new shoots will broaden

The narrow vision of these one-way streets

And blossom in their squalid cracks

Replacing each and every one

Of its failed and brutal concrete aesthetics

With the glorious and ever-changing

Concepts of the new


Si, hasta la primavera

Mi hermano y mi hermana

Para siempre

Para siempre


Text © J H Martin




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