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Beirut A City In Crisis is a gritty black and white photography documentation of Beirut during the Lebanese Civil War. The book is divided into an introduction by the photographer and two other sections titled :1976 Civil War and 1982 Madness Heaped Upon Madness.

The conflict zone images were taken up close and are powerful. Examples of the photographs include fighters, injured people, dead bodies, as well as the people struggling to survive in the war zone. One image in particular shows a women who discovers her family has been killed in a building which just collapsed after Israeli bombing. (Page 81) This photo stayed seared into my brain for some time after looking at it in the book. Her expression is chilling. Every image displays raw emotion that the photographer witnessed and recorded with his camera. Highly collectible!



Publisher: New English Library; First Edition edition (1983)

Shipping Weight: 2.1 pounds


Beirut; A City in Crisis


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