Written By

Poet and Photographer J H Martin @ A Coat for a Monkey




I woke up this morning

And saw a truck on the road

Its axle – overloaded and stretched

With relatives and possessions


Where it was headed I do not know

All that I know is I’m headed there too


With no job and no money

And with no hope of either

The bottom has fallen out of our worlds


In this life

The only thing we have is this road

Where I stood this morning

And where I stand now

With my thumb outstretched

Hoping in vain

For someone to give me a ride


Looking up and away

From the passing headlights

I see the dark mountain peaks

Out there in the distance

Silently waiting

For this to all wash away –

Those cities and towns

That have eaten our homes

And these fields that lie barren

On either side of this road


No – I’m sorry John but you are wrong

And Jack – You are nothing but a fool


We are not ‘the people’

We are simply a species


Yes – we are strong but we will not survive


All we will ever find here

Is the most basic of shelter

For a very short while

Before we then pack up and move on

To there and not here


So mind yourself now

My nowhere bound angels –

I’ll be seeing you


Image and text © J H Martin



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