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A light that comes back is a series of photographs taken in 2018, in southern Bahia. This Bahia that even close to home was still unknown to me. I walked a lot. Aimlessly. I went around the city, still not really understanding what was pulling me to be there. But one day, in the late afternoon when the lights went down, I realized that light was my guide throughout the trip. The light that followed me to places and people I met along the way. Light that followed and guided me. Prado and Cumuruxatiba, some of the cities I visited, had the textures, colors and shadows that often appear in my dreams. The feeling was as if I had known these places from some other time, but in the same way, everything was a strange surprise.

I still dream of the lights of southern Bahia. Sometimes I can touch it. Sometimes it’s just imagination.







All images and text © Bárbara Bragato



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