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Life Coach Carioca Da Gema


One must participate in order to later criticize.  For this reason alone I believe everyone should vote. It’s a power given to each one of us and should not in any circumstances be ignored.

We still have an economic shutdown and a few natural disasters before we have to face the voting booth in November.  One must ponder on the notion that a diverse, powerful, and prosperous country like the United States of America can produce mediocre choices for leadership.

Confronted with impossible choices between a President that started as a pussy grabber just to end his first term (God help us all if there will be a 2nd) politicizing a pandemic; and on the other hand Monotone Biden that I hope will choose the best person for the job instead of filtering ethnicity and gender into his decision making.

Anxious I wait to see Biden’s choice for ‘Vice’, and preparing to wear my USA pajamas and keep my American derrière home.




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