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Life Coach Carioca Da Gema


Food, shelter and our bills paid.  These are the hard facts of everyone’s life.  The base on which other aspects of our existence will build on.

Many living in “Sugar Land” are optimistic, they hope for the best without making any real contribution for their success.  Others see themselves in an unbalanced place within their reality.  There are those folks that leave their future in the hands of God, and others that float doing absolutely nothing as they do not believe in anything.

Humans have the ability to navigate between fact and fiction (beliefs, philosophies, way of life) at the same time, for different reasons, and sometimes just for a limited amount of time.

While humanity is in a pandemic, Americans are lost in a distorted idea of freedom, completely discarding the science on their door steps. Why is that so difficult for us Americans to understand that a pot of water over fire will boil; every single time? Until we let facts (science) lead us out of this mess, we will undoubtedly just keep going deeper into the hole this country is about to became, and this is a fact.




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