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I know “Prison” is a word saying the state of being confined within as a punishment for a crime. A crime that might have devastated someone or something. But when you are behind the bars of your own thoughts?

Here the crime is you,

the criminal is you

and the punishment is also you.

The hardest prison to escape is your own thoughts. When you are confined within your state of mind for a long time and having firm belief on your thoughts, how so ever they are right or wrong, you believe them to be true. Having the grudge on yourself for being wrong, illogically judging your capabilities and being blown by the wind of anxiety paves the way for this life long prison. There is no way possible to get rid of this captivity within. Human mind is the beyond explanation powerful thing. People are undoubtedly driven by their mind, which wanders subconsciously. As we try to suppress, we are always affected by the negativity. Worrying is inevitably normal. But some people subconsciously let their worries to grope over their mental strength and all the positivity of life. Needlessly worrying is only a saddle that is burdened on the back of your faultless life.




Imagine all the things you could do if your mind wasn’t holding you back. No one is ready to disentangle yourself of the mind-terrors that have kept you restrained, trapped, and banging your head in aggravation. That is paving the way of the lifelong imprisonment. This crucial prison is created by pessimistic beliefs. One has to learn that anyone can conquer those negative thoughts if they consciously try to. They might have a lot more control over their mind. the thoughts and the resulting behavior can be much more positive then. It won’t be easy but freedom from that prison will allow me them to set boundaries based on their own values and beliefs.




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