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Life Coach Carioca Da Gema


When I arrived in Florida from Brazil over three decades ago I was told by Floridians that the Highway I 95 dumps here, in Southeast Florida.

Everyone deserves a second chance and Florida is the place to get one.  Along with all the old folks retiring here, foreigners, the illegal foreigners, and the people that are starting over; all welcome in Florida.  Also looking for refuge are the big shots, wannabes, and scammers; as Florida is also the land where one can hide millions of dollars by owning a home, bankrupt and start all over, without having to change states to do it.

Everyone has something to offer, but is it worth to sort thru this basket of goods in order to socialize?

Today complete strangers can search and find out more information about you in a few moments than took some of your neighbors decades to gather before the digital age.  The nosing around or gossip in the wrong hands can be used to hurt a person in many different ways the more the merrier.

Social butterflies who’s ‘life is an open book’ should seriously consider their environment before the chat starts.


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