The Life Coaching Series

Written by Life Coach Carioca Da Gema


Most of the technological developments aim to make our lives easier, or even longer; while decimating jobs and careers.

Focus and be an expert.

Is that a good idea?

Who would of think decades ago that accountants would be replaced by a dummy prove computer program and trucks would drive themselves?

An expert is the whale sitting at those tables in the exclusive room of a casino; he is going to rather make a lot of money or lose his trousers in the process.    On the other hand the ‘Jack of all trades’ next door is flexible, and has a bucket full of quarters to relax and play the slot machines.  Both of these individuals aim to make a good life for self and family.

Personality also plays a big role as a person that becomes an expert has the tendency of focusing while Jack allowed curiosity and different interests to occupy his mind; developing open minded while the expert has eyes to the object of his expertise.


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