Written and Photographed by Louise Gan 


As solo-living becomes the rising trend particularly in western societies, more and more of us are beginning to realise the importance of The Self. How should one face him/herself without constant exchange of conversation? How does one value him/herself, without any judgment from others? Home Alone, a photo book of 52 solo-dwellers, recognises the value in The Self. Captured during private and unconscious moments, the images within the book are a display of our vibrant yet hidden individuality which, remarkably, also forms a collective human identity.


The  Home Alone photo book was first published in conjunction with the Home Alone solo photographic exhibition held at Ellenbrook Arts, Western Australia in August 2020. The project is ongoing. Louise would love to hear from you if you are a solo-dweller and are interested in taking part.

Home Alone | 52 Solo-dwellers photographed at home


Louise Gan is a photographic artist coming from a background in cinematography. After achieving multiple international awards and recognition for her film works, Louise began refining her artistic practice by focusing on studies of the modern society using stills cameras. Her recent works, often utilising mixed mediums of film and digital, largely consist of photo series depicting the ever-fascinating human aspects of our civilization.




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