More professionals such as doctors will use virtual reality as a way to conduct affairs with their patients, clients and/or customers.

There will not be a price discount; person to person interaction should not be priced the same as virtual internet reality interaction.

In most of these visits personality plays a large role in the connection the person in need of service has with the professional providing it.  These communications are shrouded by all the elements involved in being online.

With the new business model comes mistakes, lack of proper service and personal disasters.  The assessment or full picture of what that customer, client, or patient needs is limited to a computer screen and can be as small as your cell phone.  All the other clues given by one’s presence are missing from the equation.

Behind the scenes, jobs cuts, from the back office people to the front greeters, no one is immune.

In the meantime, you are paying the same amount and getting less, much less.

The consumer is getting gypped!


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