The time of calling over the cable guy to fix TV problems is over. Companies expect you to go online to troubleshoot or spend hours on the phone doing the same with the help of a tech thousands of miles away. After unsuccessful attempts to repair the problem remotely the customer will be granted a tech visit.

In addition to paying the ‘cable company’ to provide service, the customer also pays for the use of their equipment and inside wiring protection. 

After the ‘real person’ tech showed up and fixed the problem by replacing the equipment you  (the customer) are  left with boxes that you must get in your car, go to a predetermined location , and wait in line to return or else you can count with an extra couple of hundred dollars showing up in your next bill.

When did we get so submissive to the companies we pay to work for us? 

When did that happen?

“We The Consumers” are fucking idiots!



The ‘live’ technician gave me the following explanation:

The techs work remotely, they may not show at their company location for weeks, therefore would take too long for the ‘cable company’ to get their equipment back, so they give this job to the customer, after all the customers’ time is worth zilt. 


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