Iran Nukes

Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu says he will never allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons. Yes, Israel can pick away at Iran’s nuclear facilities, but at the end of the day, Iran will obtain nuclear weapons. They have no choice because Israel is nuclear and Saudi Arabia is not. They must even the playing field with Israel and one up on Saudi Arabia. Even with an agreement they will still under the table keep marching towards nukes.




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2 Responses to “Iran Nukes”

  1. Lawrence Morra

    I can’t agree with that rationale as Iran is a known State sponsor of terrorism and for several decades has vowed to destroy Israel! The Ayatollah and Mullahs have called it Satan Israel just like Satan America and that they want it wiped off the face of the earth. I think if I were living in Israel I would believe I’m living in a tiny country surrounded by extremists who are equally extremely hostile toward me and my nation; so the best deterrent from attack must be in place! Conversely Iran isn’t threatened by Israel, and they don’t need Nukes for a defensive system; so if they insist on having them they are Satan Iran, and their push in that direction of possessing them proves they want them for offensive purposes, which is more in my mind exactly what they are all about, expanding Islam and totalitarian control throughout the Middle East and beyond; making those leaders the evil ones!

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