The Sound of Brilliance

This anthology contains 120 pieces from forty-one poets and writers with astute observations about living, emotions, and our world. Their contributions bring us a unique perspective to the themes they explored. Each piece by those presented in this anthology shows us, with depth and succinctness, as the title of this anthology suggests, their brilliant perspective.


Written By Tina Stewart Brakebill

living love



dancing to their song

eyes flickering with passion

the night too fleeting


a faithful promise

of harmonic convergence

binding him to her


singing a duet

as the days pass too quickly

lifted by their song


breathing in true joy

between the tiny moments

two hearts forever


About The Sound of Brilliance

Written by Susi Bocks, Editor-in-Chief, The Short of It

My love for micro-poetry became evident in 2019 as I was constantly drawn to people on WordPress who could succinctly write such memorable and heartfelt expressions.
What I also noticed was that many either didn’t have a lot of followers or getting their content read. I wanted to change that, and so, The Short of It was launched. January 2020,
I began accepting submissions for poetry and stories which were written in fewer than 150 words. In February 2020, the first featured artist was Goff James. During that year, I was able to present forty other poets and writers. It became an important addition to my own blog writings, garnering a small but ever-growing following. Submissions closed at the end of December of that year and work on the anthology began. 120 pieces were selected for it and on April 22, 2021, the anthology went live on Amazon.


The Sound of Brilliance | Poets and Writers

Goff James,  Eugenia Hoffman,  Ken Gierke,  Matt Snyder,  Joe Wells,  Bruce Jewett,  Tina Stewart Brakebill,  Lorraine Lewis,  Monica St Hillaire,  Cheryl Wood,  Stephen W. Buchanan,  Lisa Tomey,  John RF Collins,  Marisela Brazfield,  Radhika Puttige,  Freya Pickard,  Jaya Avendel,  Frank Watson,  Kritika Maheshwari,  Duane L. Herrmann,  Daisy Green,  Bartholomew Barker,  Bruce McRae, John Grey,  Fizza Abbas,  Shontay Luna,  Carl Scharwath,  Hiram Larew,  Suzanne Lea, P .J. Reed,  Marjorie Maddox,  Joan McNerney,  Anita Neal,  Akhila Siva,  Goutam Dutta,  Ali Grimshaw,  Chrissie Morris Brady,  Carolyn Crossley,  SmithaV,  Joni Caggiano,  Arthur Rosch


For book specifics see below

The Sound of Brilliance: The Short of It – Volume 1 – 2020



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