Written by Bogdan Dragos


don’t trade the madness


“You need help,” they

told him. “Get some therapy, some

counseling, something. Reach out, man,

you need help.”


He would raise his

glass at

such advice and say, “Oh, hell yeah, I

need all the help I can

get. Thanks.” But he

would never actually reach for it


He’d reach for the

closest bottle

and pour himself another drink


and maybe reach

for some leg

or breast or ass


By this time the ladies knew he

wasn’t a bum, even though

he looked like one

with his ragged, soiled green suit

and his worn out shoes

his cobweb-like greasy hair

and the unkempt beard that looked

like he was chewing on

a dead, rotting octopus


He was loaded

with cash

despite all that


And the explanation was simple


He was

a poet


He laughed at all those well-meaning

advisers and their



He would return to his home

in the slums

and wrestle with a door that wouldn’t

open because of the mounts of

empty bottles from

the other side


and would enter through the window

once more


fall on his face


start bleeding

from his nose and lips



and look at the redness pooling on

the dirty floor beneath

and start laughing


“Haahaaaah! Advising me to seek

help. What garbage. Calling me

a fool.

Fools are those who trade their madness

for the privilege to fit in.

Fuck those people! I’m gonna write

a poem with the

used tampon my new girl gave me.”


He went to his


searching his pockets


Text © Bogdan Dragos



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