Artist and Photographer Margarita Valdivieso is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this documentary photography.  From the project ‘ Rosalba’.  To see Margarita ’s body of work, click on any image.



Rosalba Praying in Simon Bolivar Park



Rosalba is my aunt. The woman who holds me in her arms when I most need it.  She is also part of a Catholic cult  in Bogota, that targets elderly women, widowed or lonely to gain their confidence  and hoard their properties. In the 15 years that my aunt Rosalba has been part of this cult, many things have changed: her way of dressing, her aspirations, her way of living. To take pictures of her is a way to fight against de cult.


In the great live screening, Pope Francis is seen leaving the stage after a three-hour ceremony.


The pope Francisco crosses the multitude of people that who greets him.



Altar in honor of Pope Francis with stamps of the Virgin, photos of the Pope and a lit candle


I can feel her love everywhere and anytime. The way she cares about me expresses through little details like here, where she gently folds my dress like she’s giving a caress.


Mrs. Miralba, is how she is known in the religious community that she leads in the south of Bogota. Her religious community resembles a cult, where believers must listen without criticism and believe when she assures that she is the direct link to God.


All images and text © Margarita Valdivieso



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