Trigonometric Coincidences


Written by Ryan DeHoff


fourteen days past forever
and you say your logic was bad–
caught on the fault lines of
hope and despair and insanity
do you believe me
when i say
i feel it too
i live there too, tripping
the cracks in the pavement on the sidewalk in the labyrinth in my mind
trying to reach the center
and out again.
do you believe them
when they say
it gets better?
i’ve gotten better about
standing on the edges of bridges
drinking rum on the swings
in playgrounds at night.
swear i’m trying to co-sign my way
to a better life.
when i’m off on a tangent
on invisible seas
promise you’ll bring me in again.
the ratio of identities
i’ve worn on my sleeves
to the scars on my wrists are too numerous to miss, and
can’t help but wonder
if all these multiple angles
will form a new sum
new difference
new shift
so we can see
this inverse symmetry a little more clearly,
hold the arc of our lives
a little more dearly,
kiss the strangers we meet
a little more sweetly,
i hope you know what i mean.


Text © Ryan DeHoff



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