Written by Luvgood Carp



Oh, the games we played in Bishop’s Hole,

but the foul winds have begun to blow

so once again it’s time to go.


Even though it’s hard,

I must leave this behind.

That’s what the rector said,

and he does have a good head.

Granted, this happens all the time.

It’s why we installed a pipeline,

which can send me anywhere

because Bishop’s Holes are everywhere.


But still it’s hard

and I’m leaving quite a mess,

but reputations must be protected,

so there’s nothing here to confess.

When I think about the good we inflict

this only gives my conscience a tiny prick.


We lie in the shadow of the Cross,

so there isn’t anything we can’t lick.


*          *          *


O.K.  That’s enough with the juvenile jabs.

I’ve had my fun, and it’s cruel to taunt.

Let’s get serious for a moment.


We told you that we would fix things,

and you had faith.

Then you learned that we continued

to rape your children and cover it up.

You even found our pedophile pipeline.


That was awkward for us.


So we promised to stop for real.

And you believed us, but we lied.  Again.

No rational person should have believed us.

But you did.


You continued to give us your children,

and we continued to prey.

You trusted us – the black vultures you should have feared.

And we never did a single thing to earn your trust.


After all that, shouldn’t you be the ones condemned?


*          *          *


Have you noticed how we love gold veneer?

It’s everywhere, and it’s immaculate

as long as you don’t stand too near.


We’ve made the luster last all these years,

because we polish the gold with your children’s tears.

Those tears run like torrents between the pews.

It’s like Noah’s Flood.


And there’s nothing else we will do.



Text © Luvgood Carp




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