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Freedom is not just the breaking of shackles

Freedom is transcendental bliss

The word Freedom has come to be associated with physical struggles and locked shackles. What the world forgets is that freedom has different meanings, different bodies and different virtues.

Freedom signifies the beauty that resides in being able to make your own decisions. Freedom stands for the shattering of prejudices and limitations. It stands for emerging as your true and whole self after the fight. It is not just fought physically but also mentally.

We have fought so many wars for physical freedom in the historic times that we have neglected the need for mental freedom. We look at people around us and think they have no bounds, but what we can’t see is the heavy mental baggage that they carry. What we don’t see is their scars, their fights, their definitions of freedom.  It may seem like they are free from complaints and naggings but their mind might be fighting its own monsters.

So, I believe freedom is the courage to stand up and fulfill your wishes. It is the innate need to achieve what you aim for. It is the smile that appears on your face when you are safe, healthy and happy.

To you, freedom may be staying out as late as you like. To her, freedom might look like no more ‘being silent’. To him, it might be not having to justify himself every time.

For some, freedom is another word for acceptance. It may seem odd but acceptance is the most natural aspect that we crave for. If someone is accepted for being exactly and truly her, she might find her freedom. If someone is accepted for his differences, he might know what it is to be free.

Some countries have a long history of freedom struggles and that freedom is the greatest freedom but now, it is not the only kind that we need. We need the freedom to be us, we need the freedom to love us and we need the freedom to accept every soul.

History has shown time and time again that no one can rule over another. It has shown how people will give up whatever it takes to be free. Now, our struggle is against these invisible norms that society and our minds have set for us. This struggle is just as hard and just as tiring. We need to paint our realities and accept them. We need to find the courage to smile in the face of society and be our version of ‘free’.

Some courageous people have already become the truest form of themselves and I applaud them. They have shed all their pretenses and found freedom in themselves. The society has tried to put them back in their cages but their will is too strong. They cannot be captured or controlled.

They have broken all stereotypes- be it gender, caste, race or size. I truly believe that the day we achieve this freedom, our auras will glow and the societal bonds will vanish.


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