Written by Dr. Nidhika Yadav


Why race in childhood? There are deviations in all fields. But one must be sensitive specially when dealing with younger generations. This is a crucial age and not all will come out of the flower bud at same time. Some are reactive to households, some to peers some to growth hormones. If someone misses out a crucial year in childhood race, it puts a effective impact on them, their growth as young adults. Yes children ! Their ages are sensitive to changes going on not only in body but also in family, society, media and among peers.

Who remembers the full history lessons? Who all among you? No one remembers it word by word. So why so many history exams ? We remember history movies stanza by stanza though! Why not history be taught through use of media? Why not movies of history with conclusions be shows, instead of putting pressure on children for all history lessons! Why not geography be taught using multimedia too. Those who would love to specialize in these subjects can for sure take up history in high school after tenth grade.

Well, it is too difficult to decide what to teach and what not! Why not take a survey and use law of averages of children to see what the majority wants! This is age to grow, understand life and prepare for future and adulthood. This is for sure not an age for competence that one child need to stand out making others feel dejected. Law of averages in childhood can cater best for most children as majority population is being well taken care of. Exceptional can always be treated exceptionally, no body is stopping them. But childhood well spend can make adulthood a blessing. And those who lack by averages can for sure be looked after to make their support stronger.

So the law of averages to decide childhood and teenage curriculum and the way it is being taught. Is it viable option, what’s your opinion ? A bit slower and a little more fun for children ?


Text © Dr. Nidhika Yadav



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