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Tropical Garden Stories: Photography & Poetry 


Whether located in your backyard, in the English countryside, or at a Japanese Buddhist temple, gardens give us a feeling of belonging.

The overwhelming connection with the natural world awakens our senses, comforts our souls, and cleanses our minds. Replenished, most of us wish not to leave. In the garden, time is well spent.


In My Garden


About nature

The aroma

The taste


Growth sprouting


Trimming fresh decay

Emulating life

Garden changes all


The poems in this eBook are short stories from the garden.

As ‘The Hermit Poet’s mind flows, he observes his surroundings.


Foreword by Carioca da Gema




1 – Cover page

2 – Foreword

3 – Credits

4 – Contents

Uneven numbers from 5 to 89 – Photography

Even numbers from 6 to 88 – Tropical garden poetry

90 to 95 – Zen – Rock Garden Stories

96 to 105 – Vegetable Garden Stories

106 to 109 – The Whimsical Wise Bamboo

110 & 111 – Who is The Hermit Poet?



Tropical Garden Stories

Poetry & Photography

The Hermit Poet

Published by Edge of Humanity Magazine

Poetry by ‘The Hermit Poet’

Photography by ‘The Hermit Poet’

© 2018 Edge of Humanity LLC



Who is

The Hermit Poet?