Written by George Gad Economou


you’re not built for success, she said over a glass of warm white wine.

that’s quite the insensitive thing to say, I rebuked after a shot of well tequila.


still more sensitive than almost everything you’re ever written.

I write the truth, that’s all.

and I’m telling you the truth, she shrugged. if you ever find success,

you’ll loathe it. you’ll stuff yourself with expensive booze

and die with a liver four times the normal size.


that’s the dream, I nodded and the crude well tequila reminded me where I was in life.


you won’t like success; and success doesn’t like you. you were

built to suffer, to wallow, to struggle to get by.

it’s what makes your lines powerful, as well as unreadable and unpublishable.


you were made to succeed?

I belong in our time. I know what the world wants,

it’s what I want, too. I liked fifty shades. you hated it.


it’s the biggest pile of crap to have been published in the past five years.

people loved it.

people are stupid.


now, that’s insensitive, she chuckled dryly and humorlessly.

it’s the truth.


you love the cheap hooch, the dry tobacco, swilling lukewarm beers under a bridge.

I don’t love it; it’s what keeps me sane.

the world doesn’t want that; it wants hope.

hope died the day some primates realized they could walk on two legs.

it’s why no one likes you.

you like me.

no, I don’t like you. I love you but I don’t like you.


well, I raised my seventh double shot to a toast, I like you but don’t love you. guess, we’re even.

no, we’re not, she swallowed her wine. I have a book deal, you don’t.

that’s even.


fuck you, I spat. after a few more drinks,

I did.


Text © George Gad Economou




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