Written by  Andrew Abballe @  A Life of Virtue 



The artist retreats into himself

He closes his eyes and surrenders to his imagination

His mind opens a gate to vast inner landscapes

Time collapses, the heavens slowly unfold


The artist loathes mundane ‘everydayness’

He raises his brow at the gossip, trends and fashion of the masses

They are those who walk blindly, who worship false idols;

Who revere fancy things, shiny things, the kind in which envy brings


For the artist, his path is clear

He follows his call towards Truth and Beauty

His pen is the hammer which frees us from the chains of conformity

His art shakes us out of the prison of ‘routine’

His words pull us towards the divine, the sacred


The artist is our liberator

He lights a flame deep within our souls, and

awakens us from our dogmatic slumber

This paves the way towards authenticity and self-actualization


The moment is fleeting yet urgent

We receive our gift

A new way of living,

A new way of being in the world


We scrape away the superficial rot amassed in our souls, and

seize the possibility of true freedom


For in order to find ourselves,

We must first lose ourselves


Text © Andrew Abballe




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