Lonely Employment


Written by Joni Caggiano


you ride your bike, crying down the hard dirt road
your morning spent killing flies
their price, a penny a carcass
handing me my money through the soul of their drunken hollow
you wonder, would they spend a penny for me
I buy hot balls in a brown paper bag with my pennies
they torture my tongue, geographical as it was
it seems I am a rarity for the military doctors
I stick paintbrush handles up my nose
and bubble gum when its sugar is gone
anemic, they threaten me with blood transfusions
sounds interesting to me; I ride home with my torture
now I kill flies on the outside of the door
of the red-brick house, with my bedroom with its cold red floor
You will collect copper-colored prizes
but not for a while, as they will be sick
lonely employment for the sober


Text ©  Joni Caggiano



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6 Responses to “Lonely Employment”

  1. tiffanyarpdaleo

    Well written Joni, you stir up those deep and painful memories, and spin them into beautiful words that cannot be forgotten! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend! 🥰❤️💐

  2. Terveen

    A lot of tragic feelings…
    Haunts a person forever.
    Congratulations Joni!

  3. smj55

    I thank you Joni for writing. I thank also your writing community that showcase your work. I love you

  4. Karima Hoisan

    Oh Joni…here’s that little girl again, the one I want to buy out the store for and send her home to hide all the goodies in her room, while her parents are dead-drunk-asleep. She tears at my heartstrings…just I know..she grew up to be thE most wonderful, sensitive poet…so I want to alwayS tell her..”It will get better not worse little one” 🤗❤️🍭🦋

  5. jonicaggiano

    Thanks for publishing my work again, it is an honor. I would like to thank each and every person who take a moment of their day to read my work.

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