The Gift


An Excerpt From

The Unbelievable Believable More Tales from the Baron

Poetry Book By Billy J. Barnum


The Gift  


Someone just gave

This man a gift

They said to him

Now you shall live


He sang his heart out

With resounding glee

But it just did not

Set him free


He carried on

And carried tunes

Which brought him to

The month of June


He left the coast

And moved to Maine

He missed his son

It brought him pain



The Unbelievable Believable More Tales from the Baron


This poetry book will make you analyze and question the world around you, give you hope, and bring you on adventures that you would never even imagine. It will also give some sobering truths about reality as we know it. If it makes you profoundly think or feel something, then even P.T. Barnum would agree that it was worth the price of admission.


Billy J. Barnum

Billy J. Barnum is widely referred to as “The Simple Mans Poet” because he uses words that are easy to understand and that flow within his poetry. Unlike some other works where you have to stop mid-poem or story to look up a word in the dictionary or on Google. Genius is not figuring out how to squeeze as many adjectives or big words into a story but being creatively simplistic.

Since his first books release, he still resides in Connecticut as a lifelong resident born and raised. He enjoys the beauty that Connecticut has to offer and loves the four seasons. He often talks to his close friends and relatives about the pride that he feels when he drives by the P.T. Barnum statue at Seaside Park in Bridgeport then tells stories about the “Greatest Showman on Earth” that his last name derives from. He is also very fond of the Barnum Museum.




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