World Without Consequences


Written by Bartholomew Barker


“Some people are born on third base and go through life thinking they hit a triple.”
~ Barry Switzer

They had every advantage
and took them all.

Every birthday car, provided.
Every speeding ticket, fixed.
Every drunken accident, forgotten.

They never worked a day
they didn’t want
to at daddy’s company.
Strolling in whenever,
comfy corner offices
where they play businessman
over long lunches with cocktails
and go home when bored,
while their underlings,
promoted on merit,
make them more money.

They grew up in a world without consequences
and believe it’s the nature of the universe
but Daddy won’t fix the overheated climate
like he did the bad grades and damaged hookers.

Their birthright silver spoons
have tarnished their tongues.
Who’s going to finally spank
these spoiled rich kids?


Text © Bartholomew Barker



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3 Responses to “World Without Consequences”

  1. Personally_Political

    Great post, and I find the words relatable. I don’t mind these people too much if they act like everyone else and are aware that they are privileged, but I hate it when they act so entitled and they believe that they can get anything they want even when it involves treating others like rubbish. I have witnessed some of this behaviour at university, and I don’t even go to a prestigious one!

  2. taurusingemini

    Because these individuals had everything handed to them on that silver platter growing up, they never valued the morale of hard work, thus, no matter how much money, materials had been, provided for them, they will, never, truly, appreciate what they’d been, given.

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