The Crack Chronicles – A Memoir is a raw and honest portrayal that delves into the underbelly of society and chronicles a woman’s drug fueled antics.


It was time to drive Jerry to New Jersey and we hadn’t slept in days. I drove seventeen straight hours to New Jersey fueled by drugs. Once the drugs ran out, I was done. Jerry had to drive the last hour to Atlantic City and as soon as we secured a room at Caesars Palace, I hit the comfy bed for a long rest. I slept for a couple of days straight. I didn’t see any part of Atlantic City except for the boardwalk when I walked down there with Jerry to grab a quick cheese-steak. I left him alone to wander around Atlantic City with no drugs. The problem was, we were completely out of crack and thirty’s and the come down was hell. It was poor planning on our part. We had planned on going into New York City to check it out since I had never been but we were so exhausted we both said, “No way.” I somehow managed to drive Jerry north to Bayonne after briefly pulling off the highway in Newark to try to cop some drugs to no avail. The NYC skyline and the Statue of Liberty loomed ahead in the distance. Then I thought, “How am I ever going to drive all the way home by myself?” It was also Friday of the 4th of July weekend, so traffic was going to be a nightmare. Stressing out, I basically shoved Jerry and all his stuff out of my car.


Excerpt From The Crack Chronicles – A Memoir

Written By Kat Jameson



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© Kat Jameson


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