Excerpt from

The Little Book of Surrender

Book By Laura Berry


Disintegration is a funny feeling.

What was whole is now all over the place,

unbinding and flying free.

Every cell forgot where it´s meant to be.

Thoughts are scattered and don´t line up,

the togetherness we felt now departs,

and the ground is the only thing solid.

Who we were is going

and carried off in all directions.

Who we are is just being created.

It´s that time between the old and the new,

when our life is uplifted.


The Little Book of Surrender
Book By Laura Berry

I am someone that has been very rebellious and self-defensive at times and I could feel this pull to let all that go and find a better way. I wanted to understand why I had to surrender instead to my experiences and my feelings to get better. I wanted to understand why surrender was the better choice so I decided I would use my passion in poetry to come face to face with it, dissect it and to look at surrender in more depth.”

“To be in a state of surrender I am realizing is a beautiful state to be in, one I aspire to and I hope this book helps others understand or obtain a desire to surrender as well.

I created the image myself on the cover of the book, it is a photograph from a virtual world, of my avatar. I attended a writing group there for an hour a day, and wrote a poem a day for 42 days. There are 42 poems in the book. So although I live on the outskirts of the fens in England I was sitting in a virtual fantasy forest while I was writing my poems.

Laura Berry



Laura Berry, is a 38 year old from Cambridge, after studying a BA Hons in fine art she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and took to poetry and gardening for her healing. She has an interest in the arts and also plays many folk instruments. Poetry has only been part of her life for 4 years more intensely. She also has an interest in space and spirituality. She says she uses her poetry to help her find more truth. 




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