Excerpt from

The Soft Centre of Bone 

An Artist Catalogue By Jill Tegan Doherty


Awaiting a sensation


A tenuous capacity to stare,

Your eroticism in full lament.

An empty, dry silence

Swallowed by bellowing

Screams from the gulls.


Moored on a rock

Jutting outwardly from the shore,

I am adrift from the others,

Most others.


I perch, stagnant,

Awaiting a sensation.

The birds shrieks

Echo a catfight,

One day I hope to hear

My own voice

As it is, or should be.


Living under water

There is the ability to drown,

But living above water

Is a far worse thing.


The Soft Centre of Bone | An Artist Catalogue by Jill Tegan Doherty

To keep a good log of your work is of such importance, and as an artist with many different tasks to undertake it’s difficult to stay on top of all aspects of these necessities. For some years now I have been wanting to create a comprehensive catalogue showing a large collection of my work. There have always been things that got in the way, but finally the moment presented itself, and I was able to start developing this book. Lots of things have changed for me recently, there has been a big transition, and I feel it’s important to document these last series of work as I move forward into a new phase. I wanted to undertake the design element myself, so that I could learn from this process and have the skills to create catalogues for future work.

I plan to print 200 catalogues. The catalogue is made up of 88 pages, in the style of a French brochure, with the title and my name debossed in white on the cover. Also featured with each series of work in the book is a selected poem extracted from my recently hand published book The Anonymous Self.

I am looking for your support to print The Soft Centre of Bone – a catalogue showcasing three series of my artwork from 2017– 2020,  and featuring a foreword by acclaimed writer and art critic, Estelle Hoy. It also includes texts that provide an extra insight into the work and a selection of my poems, the first time they are being shown publicly. 

Jill Tegan Doherty | Photo credit Ian Medina

Jill Tegan Doherty is an artist from Nottingham, England. (b.1983). She completed an art foundation course at the Kingston Institute (2003), in Kingston Upon Thames, then studied Fine Art (Painting) at Camberwell College, and went on to graduate from Chelsea College of Art and Design, both part of the London Institute (2006). She now lives and works in Berlin.

“I work in series, each one embodying different points of focus. My work has the ability to reach people on a personal level, to tell a story, narrate the times and to act as a catalyst to stimulate introspective questions about the self and undercurrents within our society. Painting and creation are a part of me. I work with automatism, journeying into the unconscious, a place that divulges our deepest hurts and fears, our belief in symmetry and hope, it presents and unearths archetypal icons and symbolism, an integral part of being human”  Jill Tegan Doherty.


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