Photographer Gavin Rene Libotte is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this photo essay.  From the series ‘NEW WAVE’.  To see Gavin’s body of work, click on any image.






 We are swimming in the ocean of Prana, a field of Energy. There is nothing but the One, non-dual Force. This is the Supreme Truth. Our human lives are part of something bigger. We are individual drops of water but we belong to the ocean. Where is consciousness? Where is this thick existence of life? In the ocean of life. I am exploring our lives in and around water on a more spiritual level. I am using an underwater camera to get close to subjects as they merge into the ocean. I am exploring the non dual aspect of human existence. The water is the metaphor that binds us all as an expression of one consciousness. The light in Australia is harsh and this is reflected in the treatment of the images. Black and white create an unusual setting for beach street photography. It makes the stage look more ambiguous. When people are involved in an activity they are very free and reveal more about one’s true nature.






Artist Statement 

I like to explore the human condition and our relationship with the world around us.  The world is multidimensional and we exist not just in a physical space. My images explore our relationship with the physical and spiritual layers of the world. The fragile human condition is at play within many layers of existence. Something we don't understand but we are committed to moving through the unseen challenges that lay ahead. I am attracted to strong compositions, hard light, faces/figures and have recently started exploring flash, ICM ( intentional camera movement ) and reflections.  I like to work in black and white and color.


Gavin Rene Libotte is an Australian photographer born in Kent Sussex England in 1969 and is currently based in Sydney. He studied Graphic Design, Fine Art and Jazz/Classical Guitar in Perth Western Australia. He started photography as a teenager using film while studying graphic design. After a long break he started using i Phones to make images and then went on to use Fuji and Ricoh cameras on the streets.  He became a full time musician and educator and has recently started working as a commercial photographer part time and spending the rest of his time working on his fine art street photography. He discovered that the practice of photography is in alignment with his meditation routine and can be used to help live in the present moment.  Gavin is currently working on some street photography projects and is showing his work in several International Group exhibitions.


All images and text © Gavin Rene Libotte



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