Photojournalist and Documentary Photographer Abhishek Singh is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this documentary photography.  From the project ‘Plight of the Street Children’.  To see Abhishek ’s body of work, click on any image.


In this photograph, a small boy takes center stage in the foreground, capturing our attention with his gaze. His eyes appear filled with curiosity and innocence as he looks directly at the camera, seemingly unaware of his surroundings. In the background, there is a scene of activity where a three-wheeled rickshaw, often used for transportation in many countries, is being loaded with garbage. People are engaged in the task of disposing of waste into the rickshaw, highlighting the daily challenges faced in managing waste and sanitation in some parts of the world. The contrast between the small boy’s innocent expression and the backdrop of waste collection underscores the importance of addressing environmental issues and creating a better future for children growing up in such conditions.


In this evocative photograph, a young girl stands atop a mound of discarded waste on a garbage hill, her small figure in stark contrast to the towering backdrop of a bustling metro rail depot. The girl, undeterred by the challenging environment, is shown carefully collecting trash, a symbol of her determination to make a difference and contribute to a cleaner world. She seems absorbed in her task, a testament to the power of individual action in the face of environmental concerns. In the foreground, the metro rail depot stretches out before her, a complex web of tracks and trains, a testament to the urban landscape’s constant motion and activity. This juxtaposition between the girl and the depot illustrates the stark contrast between the simplicity of her mission and the complexity of the modern, metropolitan world around her. This photograph encapsulates the idea that even in the most urban and industrialized settings, individuals can inspire change and environmental stewardship through their actions, no matter how small they may seem in the grand scheme of things.


Ever since I picked up a camera and started doing street photography in the nooks and crannies of Old Delhi and CP as well as other various parts of Delhi, the thing that caught my eye the most is the way the young kids work. I looked carefully at them, and I realized they have no voice, no protection as their childhood is being stolen from them.

It was through observation with my camera that I saw the kids’ various emotions and I decided to showcase the turmoil that they face daily. This brought me to believe that I should tell their story through photographs.

So, I decided to follow the kids and see where their stories begin, and I realized there is more than meets the eye. Seeing the living conditions of the kids: some living on the streets with family; some are abandoned, kidnapped by begging mafia for work and some are sold off.


In this captivating photograph, a woman and a young girl can be seen meticulously collecting discarded materials on a garbage-strewn hill. They appear to be deeply engaged in their task, their determination evident in their body language as they carefully sift through the refuse. Beside them, a man joins in the effort, adding to the sense of community and shared responsibility. Together, they embody the spirit of environmental stewardship and the importance of recycling and reducing waste. Above this scene, against the backdrop of a clear blue sky, a group of majestic eagles soars gracefully through the air. Their powerful wings and keen eyesight symbolize the resilience of nature and the potential for positive change, even in challenging environments. This photograph captures a poignant moment, illustrating the coexistence of human activity and the natural world, and the possibility of transformation and renewal in unexpected places.


The photograph captures the spirit of two 10-year-old boys as they embark on a mission to collect and transport trash. Each boy is determined and focused, carrying a large bag specially designed for collecting trash. Their youthful energy is evident in their posture and expressions as they stride purposefully, ready to tackle their environmental task. Their dedication to this initiative shines through, emphasizing the importance of community involvement and environmental stewardship from a young age. The image serves as an inspiring reminder of the positive impact young individuals can make on their surroundings through responsible actions.


It was tough not to get emotional but then it made me even more determined to showcase their plight with my snaps.

I spoke to a few people from various NGOs in the slums to get an insight into their world to be able to understand the issues they face and sought their permission to follow few of them around and capture their daily work routine in the gullies of Old Delhi.

This was followed by my venturing into the dumping grounds in and around Delhi. My visits to these forsaken landfills helped me observe the environment which the kids are in, while they work in the collection and sorting of waste material – covered in filth, verbally and physically abused and sometimes even starved.


In this heartwarming photo, a young girl and her mother are standing on the banks of the Yamuna River, their shared mission evident in their actions. The radiant sun casts a warm glow over the scene, illuminating the picturesque riverside. The mother, dressed in a traditional Indian saree, stands slightly behind her daughter, her hands filled with a collection bag for plastic and glass bottles. She looks on with pride and encouragement as her daughter, a girl of perhaps 8 or 9 years old, crouches down near the river’s edge. The young girl is wearing a bright, colorful dress, a symbol of her youthful spirit. She is fully engrossed in her task, her tiny hands carefully picking up discarded plastic and glass bottles from the riverbank. Her intent expression and determined posture convey her dedication to cleaning up the environment. The Yamuna River flows gently beside them, its calm waters reflecting the surrounding natural beauty. The distant shoreline is adorned with lush greenery, offering a stark contrast to the litter they are diligently collecting. This photograph captures a heartening moment of intergenerational environmental activism, as a mother instills in her daughter the values of responsibility, care for the planet, and the importance of preserving the natural world for future generations. It serves as a reminder of the crucial role we all play in protecting our environment, starting with the small but impactful actions of individuals and families like these.


My aim is to capture the reality of the issues and let it reach the maximum audience at large, as once we are in our comfortable homes, we have no idea of what these little ones constantly face in the streets.

To highlight the issues of street kids isn’t the mere outcome I wish to achieve with this project, for change can only be brought about if I could take it one critical step further and integrate it into the lives of people and make it a matter of social justice.

Through my journey as a street photographer, this one aspect of our society touched me deeply and I feel resolute to bring awareness to this explosive yet hitherto unaddressed issue.

My projects revolve around retelling the plight of the street children’s conditions. In this project I have been collaborating with some NGOS’ who’ve worked on the above issues. My project is also planned as 39-69 digital print on paper for exhibition and planned as 39-69 photo books as documentary.

What this work attempts to do is to look at these globally relevant issues through a different lens. I have tried to locate my work within the discourse of activism while moving beyond traditional tropes of documentary. 


In this thought-provoking portrait, a young girl stands solemnly in front of a mound of discarded waste plastics. Her face reflects a mix of concern and determination as she confronts the pressing issue of plastic pollution. The girl’s presence against the backdrop of waste plastics underscores the gravity of the environmental challenge we face. Her gaze and body language convey a sense of responsibility and a desire to address this issue. Her presence serves as a reminder of the urgent need for individuals and society as a whole to take action and find sustainable solutions to plastic waste. This photograph captures a powerful moment, encapsulating the young generation’s awareness and commitment to addressing environmental issues, particularly the global problem of plastic pollution.


All images and text © Abhishek Singh




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