Our goal is to provide our readers with the wide variety of materials that exist between the thought-provoking and the culturally entertaining content.

Edge of Humanity is an independent online platform with over 2,900 contributors (photographers, artists, poets and writers).  The 9-year-old well rounded online magazine has published over 9,000 posts and 37,000 images. Our online platform is composed of a magazine, an art gallery, an art blog and a poetry blog.

Please see below how you can use our platform to promote your material.

For more info on any of these options please contact the editor at jo@edgeofhumanity.com.



Offers artists a place to promote their artwork FREE OF CHARGE.  No commissions, no contracts.


Visual Arts Blog

It is housed at the NO MIDDLEMAN ART GALLERY promoting artworks, photography  books, and other art related material.

Oli Paintings | Rui Carreira

Book Promotion (Photography – Poetry – Fiction – Non-Fiction)


Features Of Your Work + Book Promotion

Composed of:

Excerpts and/or images of the content you wish to promote

Book information and a jpeg of your book cover

Author’s bio/profile and portrait

Shooting The Night Sky With A Friend

Of The Riverside 

Fractured Lollipop By Mary Anne Abdo

Recommendations (Photography Books and Short Stories)


Photography Books – Published Recommendations


Humboldt Sunsets By Matthew Busse Photography Book Recommendation By Edge of Humanity Magazine


Short Stories – Published Recommendations


Strawberries By Jonathan Moya Short Story Recommendation By Edge Of Humanity Magazine

Features (Photography, Photography Series and Projects, Articles, Poetry and More)


Features are the most versatile and popular way to promote a single piece of work.


Struggling With Hunger, Malaria & Mistreatment The Marginals In Block #5

 What If No-one Listens

“Women, Life Freedom”

Curator Services 

A fresh set of eyes overlooking your photographic project.



Other materials/content

If you have good quality material that you wish to promote that is not mentioned here please contact jo@edgeofhumanity.com


Edge of Humanity Magazine is an independent nondiscriminatory platform that has no religious, political, financial, or social affiliations.

We are committed to publishing the human condition, the raw diverse global entanglement, with total impartiality.

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